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How the Irish Saved Civilization

I figured that in a world that was even remotely sane, such a post title – even if pilfered from a 90’s book title – would be appropriate after that gloriously decisive referendum’s outcome. But we do not live in a sane world, as can be most readily seen from the pronouncements of our Lords and Masters out of Brussels, and their satrapies’ various capitals such as Berlin and Paris. “3 million cannot decide the fate of half a billion Europeans” it goes. Never mind that those almost half a billion were never asked, and the great majority, if given half a chance would almost certainly vote the same way. Those 3 million Irish are the only democratically expressed voice the European people were allowed. It was in fact those roughly 3000 politicians that make up the various parliaments that decided for us, in their infinite wisdom to ratify the constitutional…, sorry, the Lisbon Treaty. And now we are faced with a rather horrid spectacle – the mask is slipping and our noble ‘colleagues’ (as they like to refer to themselves) are showing their tyrannical faces. The will of the people MUST not be heard.

But I am not writing this to reiterate was has been said on many a blog before. Forget trying to find such statements in the MSM, at least here in Germany. The point that I am trying to get across is that – regardless of the final outcome – that fine line that representative democracies are always walking, has been crossed, nay, almost obliterated. Governments require the appearance of legitimacy. Mind you, I said the appearance. They do not require actual legitimacy, otherwise representative democracy would not work at all. After all, most of the time, a government comes into force only with the actual votes of about 12-40% of the population. Plus the fact that once they have been voted into office, they proceed to pretty much do whatever they want, regardless of legality or morality, and never mind party program and election promises. Even a monarchy pays great attention to legitimacy, what with the same bloodline and the will of God. Used to work back when us plebes still believed in those things. Nowadays, it is all about the will of the people. Once they are in office, they can ignore it, but at least during election times, they strive mighty hard for those little scraps of legitimacy. The EU now has just given up the last pretense that they have any legitimacy left. For once, the true nature of the regime that we are living under has been exposed. And that is a cause for celebration. All that remains to be seen is how long it will take the various peoples of Europe to wake up to that fact, and to topple this illegal and immoral tyranny.


Written by gloege

June 17, 2008 at 13:22

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