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Much brouhaha lately here in the German political landscape. First, one of the few remaining semi-conservative politicians of national standing quite suddenly retired from his post as Ministerpräsident of Hessen, Roland Koch. He was also, supposedly, an economic expert for the CDU, the ruling party on a national and state level. This retirement came completely out of the blue and was not driven by any scandal or health reasons, or – publicly at least – political scheming. Official reason given was that he seeks a more private life from now on. Sick of politics and all that. And now the second retirement – the German president himself, Horst Köhler, retires just barely in the beginning of his second term. Something that has never happened before. Same party, same supposed qualifications as Koch. Official reason given is that a remark he made about the military engagement of German troops has caused excessive criticism that means he has lost the respect of the people. Pardon my French, but horse manure!! Köhler has been subjected to far worse criticism in the past without any issues to them. Now Köhler also used to be head of the IMF, and was one of the major voices publicly calling for the Euro and justifying its establishment as not just necessary but beneficial for Germany. I believe that both of these men are seeing the writing on the wall, and are trying to distance themselves from the fallout. Either way, both these retirements came as more than a little surprising, and seem to point to some major upheavals in the undercurrents of German politics. Frankly, I have no idea yet what exactly this means, but I will keep you up-to-date on any new developments that I can discern. As far as the repercussions financially – it is too early to tell. Could mean that the crisis is accelerating and the political consequences with them. Too much guesswork right now. When there is more to say, I will say it. Until then – watch your step…


Written by gloege

June 1, 2010 at 20:19

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