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…and all that. I know that is not a real Chinese saying, but it seems quite apt. Where to start? How about politics, since that is the last thing I mentioned anyhow.

After the retirements of Koch and Köhler here in Germany, several more high-profile ‘conservative’ politicians have quit the game. Although to call them conservative is more than a little charitable. Regardless, as a consequence, there was for a while some chatter in the MSM about the establishment of an actual right-wing, conservative party in Germany. Not terribly likely in my opinion, and even if it were to happen, that new party would be unlikely to stray from the overall script of pro-EU, anti-national interest, considering the people that were mentioned as being potential founding members of such a party. All of whom are essentially members of the establishment, even if a tad less left-wing than the average. If something like that does happen, it will only take place so as to capture and control any possible electorate discontent with the increasingly dire economic situation. Politically, nothing will change here in Germany at least.


Written by gloege

August 6, 2010 at 21:16

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