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How war is being manufactured

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This post is a little different, in as much as it is not directly concerned with the markets. Instead, I feel compelled to speak up with regards to the constant warmongering by western media and governments. Libya was bad enough, but except in private, I remained quiet. But now Syria, and then inevitably Iran and Lebanon. There has to be a line, and these people need to be shown that line.

Focusing on Syria, especially in the last couple of weeks it has become obvious how the western civilian population and hapless governments are being manipulated by a London outfit called the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. This organization under the leadership of one Rami Abdul-Rahman is busy putting out ‘news’ about the various massacres being committed by the Assad regime. Google News currently lists over a million news items by this Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. All the news that you hear in your local TV station and read in your newspaper, and even find on the internet, comes through this outfit. Independent journalists such as Webster Tarpley, Thierry Meyssan (German) and the German publisher Kopp Verlag confirm this. Clearly, the Syrian opposition is being financed and equipped by the same people that already toppled the Libyan regime. And the mainstream media are playing right along. A crime is being committed right in front of our eyes that will lead to thousands of deaths, and could conceivably even cause a third world war. Russia and China have a vested interest not to let another friendly nation fall to this so-called Arab Spring. Russia even has a naval base in Syria. To get a clearer picture of the geopolitics of the situation, I recommend an article by Stratfor that will show the various motivations at play in the Middle East.

We must not just swallow these lies. Even if we are powerless to stop this, at least individually, we have to stand against this constant warmongering. The internet has been the tower of freedom and independent information for years now. But it seems that more and more internet outlets are being co-opted into this drive for endless war. There are motivations at play here that we never hear about in the MSM. And there are forces at work that do not have the best interests of the various peoples at heart. The Syrian people deserve better than to be slaughtered at the altar of Western interests, like the Libyan and Iraqi people already have.


Written by gloege

December 21, 2011 at 15:16

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