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The one decent man in politics…

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…gets beaten again. Yesterday’s defeat of Ron Paul by Romney and Santorum is quite literally the death-knell for the US economy. Paul is the only man, who has always understood the problem, and also the only one who actually had a realistic solution, radical as it was. It is immaterial whether or not there was voter fraud, of which there are certainly indications. The panic that the establishment displayed in the run up to the Iowa caucus, and a potential victory by Ron Paul already showed quite clearly that they would do whatever it takes to prevent Paul from winning. In New Hampshire, Romney will win now, and from there on out, it should be fairly easy sailing. However, in the end it does not matter which one of these warmongers wins. Unless the US economy craters before the general election – definitely possible – Obama will win. If need be, there will just be another war, since apparently wartime presidents never lose. Obama or Romney will not make any difference either way. Both are more than eager to look for excuses to start wars. Both are economically illiterate, and in the banksters’ pockets. And both are eager to keep selling out their citizen’s civil liberties.

I can only encourage you to continue diversifying internationally. Get a second passport. Uruguay, Panama, Dominica, Chile or Singapore are just some of the good options there. Get your money into different currencies in various international banking centers. Singapore and Hong Kong are good places to start. Switzerland and Liechtenstein are certainly not what they used to be. Plan ahead. Do not get rolled over by the tidal wave of history. The status quo seems like it will go on forever. Until it does not. And then everything changes very quickly. Even if I am wrong, there is no harm in being prepared. And international diversification will also provide you with greater opportunities for profit.


Written by gloege

January 4, 2012 at 13:55

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