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Ainovo Novo 7 Paladin – Review

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I do not normally do product reviews. But I recently acquired an Ainovo tablet, and have been repeatedly asked about it, so there seems to be some interest at least. Purchased through their website, it cost 89 USD (!), including shipping and customs, you can add another 45 USD. At least in Germany. It carries the latest Android version, Ice Cream, Wifi, and a 7 inch screen. Initially, it took me a while to set everything up nicely, since all settings were in Chinese. Should that happen to you, then make your way to the settings app, like here…
IMG 0200.
After that, go to the icon that consists of an underlined A, like here…
IMG 0201

Then just click on the first item, and after that you will see your different language options.

After that, set up will be self-explanatory. Setting up email, twitter and the like is no issue at all. To the actual product. The screen is perfectly capable, fairly resistant against smudges, and while my subjective impression is that the iPhone 4 screen is far superior, I have no complaints about usability or clarity. Touchscreen is very capable, and while not as sensitive as Apple’s products, it is definitely usable. Software is easy to set up and use. Again, iOS is superior there as well. Battery life is within the parameters that advertisers always use. Not as good as advertised, but close enough not to be illegal. 5-6 hours of reading time. Wifi is sometimes spotty, but it gets the job done. A few more pictures…

IMG 0203
IMG 0207

In conclusion, I can say that for the money, the Novo 7 is absolutely worth every penny. But ONLY at this low price. It is clearly not as capable as an iPad, and is not trying to be either. If you can get it without the exorbitant customs charges here in Germany, then by all means, it is worth the expenditure. And such ends my entirely unprofessional review.

Written by gloege

February 5, 2012 at 03:30

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